The military court decided yesterday 9/4/2015 to delay the verdict in the case number 7 for 2015, military felonies, Zagazig, student, Ibraheem Ahmad Mohammad Zeid, the student in the faculty of Shareia and law in Azhar University, Tafahna EL Ashraf and the head of students union in the University to the session on next Thursday 16/4/2015

Worth mentioning that the student was illegally and arbitrarily arrested from one of the streets in Abo Hamad after he stayed in custody with the charge of belonging to a banned group, cutting through the road, Abo Hammad prosecution referred the case to the military court on 16/1/2015 as a continuity to the suppression against students that violates item 97 of the Egyptian constitution that says” Fair judgement is guaranteed for everyone with his civil judge, and exceptional trials are banned”