- Management department in”Gamasa” deprived “Abdulrahman Ahmed Amin Youssef El-sayed” 2nd year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Al-Azhar Assiut branch, from entering the second exam and was not deported to Assiut to perform his examinations under the pretext of “distance”, even thou the student papers and procedures are Legal which enables him to perform his examinations.
Recalling that the student was arrested on Friday, 08/16/2013, as it has been issued a verdict against him to sentence him to three years and three like them under surveillance with criminal compelled expenses, and on charges against him in Case No. 914 for year 2014.
It came a violation to the text of Article (31), stating : “the prison administration must encourage the prisoners to access education and to facilitate the  prisoners who have a desire to continue the study and to allow them to perform their exams at the headquarters of the committees.”