Western military court ruled on Sunday, June 7, 2015 to sentenced jail terms ranging between “10.15, and life imprisonment” for fourteen pepole in Fayoum including 5 students and their names comes as follows :

1-Ahmed Abdel Halim Mahmoud , student at the technical & industrial Institute .
2-Musab Rajab Arafa, third year student at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Fayoum.
Sentenced to fifteen years.
3-Ibrahim Ahmed El-ashmar,  high school student.
Imprisonment for a period of ten years.
4-Ali Eldin Emad Gomaa, Azhar secondary school student.
Sentenced to five years.
5. Musab Ahmed Sayed, 2nd year student at Aviation institute in Imbaba.
Sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment, despite that he was detained and in re-trial proceedings in another case.

Students are on trial accused of blowing up the Judges Club in Fayoum governate , configure terrorist cell targeting vital installations and the targeting of the Judges Club and traffic management.

The students’ military trial is a violation of article “204” of the current constitution that “it may not trial civilians before military courts, only crimes that represent a direct attack on military installations or armed forces camps or equivalents.”