Cairo Criminal Court held at the Institute of “police personnel” ruled on Saturday, 01.08.2015, the postponement of the trial of eight students to Saturday, 08/16/2015,session in case No. 1154/82 of the 2014 Criminal Bulaq Abul-Ela, Restricted number 36 for the year 2014 central Cairo, known in the media as the “Bulaq Abul-Ela events.”

The names of the students in this case as follows: –
1. Alaa Abdul Rahman Meligi – student at the Faculty of Commerce, Benha University.
2. Moaz Ala Meligi – a student at the Institute of Optics private Sheraton.
3. Ahmad Hashmat Maraai Arif – student at the Faculty of Law and Sharia Al-Azhar University, Assiut branch.
4. Ahmed Mohammed Abed Rabbo Abdullah -Faculty of Theology.
5-Amer Ahmed Abdullah -Faculty of Theology.
6-Massad Abu Bakr imam Ahmed –  student at the Faculty of Theology.
7. Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Nabi Fatah Allah student at the Faculty of Sharia and Law.
8-Ahmed Saber Abdulfadeel-Al-Azhar University student

Recalling that the students were arrested arbitrarily against the law on 08/16/2013, where they were detained and subjected to torture in Bulaq Abul-Ela before being transferred to Wadi Natrun prison in mid-November 2013, and is currently detained in “Tora” prison.