Under the frame of the students’ military trials; The Military Court in Zagazig postponed viewing

case number 129 -2015 yesterday, Monday, 10/8/2015; to let the next trial be on Monday 18/8.

Students names and personal information came as below;

1- Muhammad Adel Mohammad Abdul-hameed, the freshman student at Arabic Language Faculty,

Alazhar University.

2- Kareem Ameen Essayed Abdul-hameed, the freshman student, faculty of Usoolu-Deen, Alazhar


3- Amr Mahmoud Hassanein Nasr, the third stage student, Faculty of Education.

4- Mahmoud Magdy Essayed Mohammad, the third stage student, faculty of law.

5- Mahmoud Ali Muslim Al’asheeri, a medical student who works at Zagazig hospitals.

It worth to mention that they were arbitrary arrested in a way which violates the law; that was on

wednesday 26/2/2015 from inside the university. The detention happened without any former decision

from Police or judgment which is considered as a violation of all the local and international charts.