The current authorities continue pursuing violations regarding the Egyptian college students; as, the

security forces keep hiding the student ‘Mohammad Ahmad Abdul-Hameed’ for the 21 straight day.

According to what his family mentioned; the student told his father that he will be home in half an hour

in the last phone call between him and his father on Tuesday 28/7/2015. It was also mentioned that

the student was in the Civil Registery of Alasher Min Ramadan city, where his family were surprised to

find his phone closed at the midday and they looked for him in all the near hospitals and police

stations in vain.

His family also mentioned that the security forces has broken down their house that day at 12:30 am

after midnight, where they sabotaged the house contents and stole some belongings and books. The

thing that made the family said they newly moved to this house; the thing that made them doubt that

the student was tortured to say about the house’s place or to admit accusations, he didn’t commit.

This came as a violation of what the subject 52 of the current Egyptian Constitution stated that

“Torture in all of its shapes and forms is a crime doesn’t fall by the statue of limitations.”

The student’s enforced disappearance came as a violation of the first subject of the international

Chart for protecting any human being from the enforced disappearance which states that “No human

being should be forcibly disappeared.” We in our turn as Freedom Seekers Monitor repeating calling

the current Egyptian authorities for ending such violations which are proved to be crimes against

humanity and they cannot fall down by the statue of limitations. We also call for revealing the

student’s place immediately and introducing the responsible for his disappearance to a fair and quick

trial. We put the responsibility of his life and safety in the hands of the current Egyptian authorities.