Military justice in Mansoura decided on Tuesday 18-08-2015, to postpone the trial, of”Abdullah Mamdouh Tantawi” second year student, Faculty of Law student University of Mansoura to 23-08-2015 Sunday session.

The student was arrested with his father on 7/2/2014 then they were disappeared for 3 days to be known later that they were disappeared in one of the rooms in the second floor in Dekernis police station to force them to admit certain accusations.

Their family couldn’t see them until they were exposed to the prosecution on the 10/1/2015 as the prosecution accused them of belonging to an illegal group, founding a terrorist cell, throwing molotov on Dekernis police office. Hence, they were kept in custody for investigation until they were referred to a military court on 11/2/2015.

The student arrest came contrary to the provisions of the current Constitution of the Arab Republic of Egypt as stated in Article 54 “Personal freedom is a natural right, which shall not be touched, except in the case of flagrant derelict, no one may be arrested or searched, or detained, or have his freedom restricted except by a causal judicial warrant required by the investigation, and shall be presented immediately after his freedom is restricted and to mention the reasons if his arrest in writing, and to tell him his rights in writing and verbally, and he can connect his family and his lawyer immediately, and to submit the investigating authority within twenty-four hours from the time of his restriction. ”