First persecution of Almansoura decided to renew the temporary imprisonment of the student, Akram

Mohammad Rashed, who is enrolled in faculty of Civilian Engineering, Almansoura University for 15

days under investigations.

It was mentioned that the student was arbitrary detained on Monday 6/8/2015 to be led to an

unknown place and he was forcibly hidden for two straight days. There were some news stating that

the student was severely tortured in order to admit certain charges. He first appeared in the

persecution on Sunday, 9/8/2015. The persecution accused him with joining banned group and urging

students to demonstrate; he was imprisoned under investigations of the charges.

It worth to mention that what happened was a violation of the first subject of protection every person

from the enforced disappearance which states that “Invocation us not allowed under any

circumstances whether there were a state of war, threatening of a war outbreak, absence of either

inner or political settlement or any other exceptional case to justify the enforced disappearance.”