Renewals’ judge in The Brolouss Misdemeanor Court has decided to renew the temporary

imprisonment of the student Abdelrahaman Moustafa Elafifi, whos os enrolled in the third year of

agricultural stidies, Kafr Elsheikh University for 45 days under investigations in his case of exploding

an armored in which he was detained after it was proved that he was innocent in the case before this

one with a court arbitration on 2-6-2015.

It was mentioned that the student was arbitrarily detained from his house on 12-4-2015, as the

public persecution charged him of: belonging to a terrorist group which was founded against

constitution and law, demonstrating without declaration and he was turned to the Misdemeanor Court

under the background of these charges.

It worth to mention that the student’s detention came as a violation of the current Egyptian

constitution and what the subject 54 states that “Freedom is a normal right and it is preserved cannot

be touched, unless under the case of flagrante. No one should be arrested, inspected, restricted or

deprived from his liberty, unless by a casued judgmental order which requires investigations.”