Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mahalla decided on Tuesday, ,15-9-2015 the imprisonment renewal for fifteen days pending investigations against “” Abdullah Asim “fourth year student at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Sallab, on charges of blowing up a bank in Mahalla.

Recalling that the student has been arrested arbitrarily as stated to us from a witnesses in front of his university on 25th of May and was forced to hide for eight days, where he was beaten during his arrest by the security forces to remain in hiding and then appears in a video broadcast by some media stating that the student bombed Bank of Dubai , which took place last March, which killed three police officers and a conscript armed forces, and effects of torture was seen on him.

It is also was reported to us that the student p first appearance was without informing any of his family or in the presence of his lawyer, which is a violation of the legal rights of the detainee..