Almansoura Criminal Court sentenced the student Fathi Azmi, who is enrolled in faculty of Shareia

and Law, Alazhar University, to prison for ten years on Tuesday, 15-9-2015, after he was temporarily

detained for more than nine months.

It was mentioned that the student was arbitrarily detained in the first of December/2014, in a way

violating law, while he was walking in one of Talkha’s streets. He was led after that to an unknown

place, where he was forcibly hidden for days. He was exposed to the public prosecution on 12-1-

2015. He was charged of attempted murder of a lawyer called Awad Salah. A decision was made to

keep the student under investigations. He was kept in Gamasa prison after he was turned to the

criminal court, case number 16792/2014 recorded as 193/2015, South Mansoura, in which he is

charged with attempted murder of a lawyer he has never met as he mentioned.

It worth to mention that the student experienced a series of violations starting from the arbitrary

detention, enforced disappearance and on Sunday, 21-6-2015, after he was turned to Met Sleisal

police station, The Chief of the Detectives of Meit Sleisal police station and the Capt. Muhammad

Eshta, investigation coordinator, and a number of informers stripped the students of their clothes and

sprinkled them with water and that was before beating them with electric cables and plastic tubes,

which caused severe damages to them.

What the student experienced came as a violation of subject number 55 of the current constitution

which states that “Whoever gets arrested or restricted or deprived of his liberty, must not get

frightened, intimidated, tortured or hurt physically or morally.” We Freedom Seekers Monitor, in our

turn condemn these violations. We call for introducing the responsibles for a fair trial. We put the

responsibility of tge student’s safety and security in the hands of the current authorities.”