First Asyut persecution decided on Monday, 5-10-2015, to renew the temporary imprisonment for the two students Abdeltawab Mohammad Eltoni, who is enrolled in the 4th year of Shari’aa, Asyut University  and Ali Abdu Ali, who is enrolled in faculty of Agriculture for 15 days under investigations.

It was mentioned that the student Abdeltawad Muhammad was arbitrarily arrested afer his exams’on 27-5-2015, after he had sent a message to one of his friends saying that there were strangers following him. While, the student Ali Abdu was arbitrarily arrested on 23-5-2015, and both of them were forcibly hidden for more than 10 days until they first appeared in the first persecution of Asyut on 5-6-2015, where they were charged with belonging to a banned group, which was founded against the law. After that they were kept under the temporary imprisonment in the first police station of Asyut.

It worth to mention that what the students experienced came as a violation of the current constitution, especially, what the 54th subject states that “Freedom is a personal right, it is preserved cannot be touched; unless under the case of flagrante, no one should be arrested, restricted, inspected or deprived of his liberty. Only after a caused judicial order, which requires investigations.”

It also came as a violation of the International Conversation for protecting people from enforced disappearance which states that “Invocation is forbidden under any circumstances, whether it was related to a case of war, threatening of a war outbreak, absence of inner or political settlement or under any case to justify the enforced disappearance.”