Lawyers of ” freedom seekers”  observatory conformed that the court refused the prosecution appeal, and conformed the release for 5 students at Cairo University on bail of 5000 pounds, and it was decided on behalf of Giza on Tuesday, 08.09.2015 to remain in custody 6 students at Cairo University, and the defendants in the events that took place at Cairo University on the nineteenth of April, for a period for 45 days pending investigations, and the names of six students were as follows:
1. Yousef al-Masri.
2. Islam Sheikh.
3. Mahmoud Issa.
4. Bilal Mihi.
5 – Ihab Abdullah.

It was mentioned that the students were arrested from inside the Cairo University Campus after clashes which happened on Sunday 19th April, 2015, between the students and tge security forces who broke the campus down. These clashes resulted in the murder of the student Anas Elmahdi, who is enrolled in faculty of physical therapy, Cairo University. The students were led to Giza police station, where they were presented before to the main persecution, whom accused them of many charges including; assault on the administrative security individuals of Cairo University, causing damages to the university’s buildings. After that, the main persecution ordered to put the students in jail under investigations, 11 of them were released while the persecution kept the others.

The students’ detention came as a violation of subject number 73 of the current constitution, which states that “Citizens have the right to organize general meetings, demonstrations, processions and any kind of peaceful protest, with a previous notification on a way follows the law without holding any kind of weapons; they also has the right to organize a private meeting with no need to a previous notification, without being watched, attended or listened by security individuals. “