Military court held in Haixtb ruled on Tuesday, 03/17/2015, to postpone the military trial for , “Ibrahim Reda         Al-Assal”, first year student Faculty of Islamic Studies, and “Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Salama,” student in fifth year Faculty of Pharmacy, and “Mohammed Hassanein Mohammed “fourth year Student Faculty of Engineering, to Tuesday session on 03/31/2015, in case No. 308, to announce the verdict.

It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the students arbitrarily illegal without a permit, on 12.02.2014, in violation of all laws, they enforced disappearing them at the national security building in Nasr City, where they were subjected to many abuses and torture, until they were displayed at second Nasr City court which accused them  with several charges which is: violence, and participating in riots in university, then they referred them to the military court, which in turn referred them to the military trial.