Sanjeev gupta new owner of sa whyalla steelworks, has been in discussion with the owners, the owners are also ready to provide loans from sahriti banks for maintenance and upgrade of these plants,” the official said.

Meanwhile, Pratap Tiwari, managing director and chairman, KPMG Mumbai-India, said it has already met the government’s proposal to help with the rehabilitation울산출장안마 of the steelworks of sahriti factories.

“KPMG has a large experience in a number of steel mills. We also do extensive renovation work. The project would help in the rehabilitation of the plants. It also helps t바카라 중국 점o mitiga카지노 펍te the risk of loss of life,” the official said.

KPMG and Sahel Steel & Mining have been considering joint ventures in steel factories to address both issues while they are negotiating on loan.