Scoresby mp denies branch stacking allegations

Dartmouth MP Bob Katter today denied claims he and his wife spent more than $10,000 to hire a legal team to pursue their defamation case against the government.

After an angry outburst, Mr Katter refused to back down over claims his wife had been pressured by senior cabinet ministers, including Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who “did everything they possibly could to silence her and intimidate and threaten” her.

After Mr Katter spoke, Mr Bishop held an emergency press conference to 더킹카지노challenge the claims.

“Bob is in the best position to answer questions on what he knows,” Mr Bishop said.

The Labour MP told the press he was “deeply disappointed” his wife did not want to go to court.

“We’ve got a great team here at the Liberal Party and you know it’s going to take a fair fight in the courts,” he said.

“I am pleased that Bob is willing to accept my arguments.”

Mr Katter said he did not remember the incident where his wife had alleged he and his wife had spent at least $10,000 for a legal team to tackle their defamation claim.

He told the ABC the claim had now been thrown out of court as his wife did not attend a meeting with senior ministers, and he could not understand why he had spent time in court.

“The fact that I came to the government and said I was going to send out the people who had the final word and that I was just going to pay a bill and not have to deal with anything is an embarrassment,” he said.

Asked if he was now considering a claim of malpractice, Mr Katter said, “No, no”.

“I said this was the government. They told me and I di우리카지노dn’t show up at their meetings. I’ve been out of the government and it’s been a very confusing time. They did what they did. If it were up to me, I’d sit in the house.”

바카라Mr Katter told the ABC he did not remember the $10,000 amount, and denied it came out of government funds.

“I didn’t go to the federal government meeting,” he said.

Mr Katter told Channel 10 that “the fact that I’m sitting here today, with the matter hanging over our heads… I’m in the best position to answer the questions”.

However, he also confirmed he had not been advised of how the federal government and Prim