Extended interview with js jacques in June 2007

Question: What are you doing now?

Jacques: I’m not doing anything in terms of programming or software development and if there’s something I’m interested in doing it would be if it can be improved. And of course there’s a lot of things that I’ve been doing.

Question: What are your hobbies?

Jacques: Well, I’m also working a lot with music, in terms of composition and also the music that 우리카지노계열I make is very eclectic – my favourites are the jazz musicians and also the American classical singers. I also like to go on the road and sometimes there’s something very classical that I want to sing, like with this song, I don’t know which direction we’re going to go, but it’s quite a musical adventure, so I want to try and write music and to get to other places like Switzerland or Germany but I also like to sing or dance to music as well.

Question: What kind of programming language are you using? Do you u바카라se Java?

Jacques: I actually use a lot of languages for creating stuff. One thing that makes me think that I’m doing the best I can wxo 카지노ith my programming because every language has its own problems and I’m using many of these languages to find that balance between things that work for me to make them functional, that feel consistent and also allow me to use them.

Question: I have a question related to your favourite composer John Carpenter.

Jacques: I am not much for music. I never really thought about making music after the first time I saw his The Thing. I think I really liked that it was about a human being and also about the whole of humanity, but since then I think I’ve just kind of forgotten about music at the same time. I don’t really think about the idea of music anymore, but I do have a really good knowledge of art-building. I have a really strong love for Art Deco and the style of modern art, and so for me it has really been like an ennobling experience, like going out and doing these things and seeing what it does, because it was never quite right for me – it was always something that was sort of missing, the kind of music that could fit within the structure of my head, something that didn’t actually feel like it had anything to do with my personal life. I’ve got that feeling – I love that music.

Question: There has been som