The european army that has never been in a fight was in the air just two weeks ago, when four of them landed in Sicily. In an interview from Sicily, Admiral Michael Phelan declared that the Eurogroup would hold all three meetings in Cyprus thi화천출장안마s year, and added that there would be no need to hold them in Paris unless other countries were willing to make a deal. It is expected that France will do the same when it gets back to Brussels in June. With the French authorities having already agreed to the eurogroup’s latest proposal on a special mechanism for Greece, Cyprus, which is struggling with a devastating budget deficit, would seem the clear frontrunner.

“I don’t like to think that we are all here because we are in the eurogroup, which is basically a group of representatives of the countries that are the biggest losers from the last four years of recession, austerity, and mismanagement.” This is a fair point, but if the French government is going to be so willing to negotiate with the Greek authorities it should understand that the agreement should not이천출장안마 mean the end of negotiations. There are four eurozone countries in the Eurogroup now, but none of them have the political strength of Poland, a country that has been resisting any bailout offer. Poland needs to have a bailout offer from the Germans, or the possibility of joining the eurogroup would be moot. The German authorities are the only ones with the power to prevent a German exit from the euro, but with Greece in the midst of economic crisis and a vote on leaving the euro on June 24th, the only way to get the deal is to leave the euro. This will cause the Germans to step up their demands, and the risk is that Italy, Germany, or even France could become convinced they need a bailout in exchange for an agreement.

If France were to leave the euro, there would be no way the eurogroup would reach a deal that would work for all four countr더킹 카지노ies. And the risk is that the other countries in the euro group would try to push the deal back into the abyss by agreeing to their demands.

The deal that is likely to be struck between the euro group and Greece, and its potential outcome, has already been drawn up by the Eurogroup itself. France could sign up to a proposal for a special mechanism that would fund the cash-strapped country until it meets conditions set by the European Stability Mechanism, which provides emergency funds and bailout funds for banks and other entities at its disposal if they are threatened by insolvency. A group of eurozone countries are already discussing this proposal