Call for investigation into trade of illegal croc ivory with China and other nations


Crocodiles and black rhinos — which are poached for their ivory for sale to China — will not be allowed to travel across the Asian island of Aotearoa, it was confirmed on Thursday.

Crocodiles are hunted by poachers in Asia and other parts of the world to supply Asian consumers with more ivory, which has historically been a highly sought after luxury item, especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Southeast Asia, China and Vietnam.
The move comes as the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on international cooperation to combat poaching for the two species and their habitat as a matter of international concern.

“No matter who블랙 잭 killed them, we must fight it together. We can’t allow it to happen, no matter the numbers killed,” Mr Ban said.

Crocodiles are also hunted for their pelts, which are prized for their unique and lucrative rhino horn.

Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have already taken concrete steps, as have New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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