Military court decided on Monday, 22/3/2015 to postpone trial of ” Anas Mamdouh “Junior student at College of Engineering University of Mansoura, and ” Mohammed Emad ” graduate of engineering, Mansoura University 2014 to next Monday, 30/3/2015 session. 
It is worth mentioning that the security forces had arrested the student ” Anas Mamdouh ” on 22/12/2014 from the periphery of the University, where he was subjected to forced disappeared for a period of four days,                          while ” Mohammed Emad” were arrested from  the headquarters of his work on 16/12/2014, the General Prosecutors then accused him of several charges, including making Molotov, participation in burning power adapter, then they were sent to the military court on 12/2/2015.