In the past period, since the current authorities came to power, until the day of the 23rd of March 2015, we reported that 172 students have been referred to military trial,and 293-year  total number of years in prison, which was sentenced to a number of Egyptian university students, and recently specifically on Tuesday, 24.03.2015 was issued the first judgment to confirm death by a military court to “Abdul Rahman Syed,” a high school student, in flagrant violation and a clear violation of all international conventions that Egypt was among the first countries which signed on it , For example, as confirmed by Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was signed by Egypt in 1976, which stipulates that “every human being on equal footing with others has the right to have a hearing & an independent and impartial tribunal in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. ”

As if the laws in Egypt is developed only to be violated, if we look at the text of Article 97 of the Egyptian Constitution of 2014, we find that it stipulates that “litigation is sacrosanct and guaranteed right for all, a civilian should be tried only before an ordinary court, and exceptional courts are prohibited.”, Given that article, we find that the security services in the current regime under the collaboration with various investigative agencies and represented in the Public Prosecutions and partial judicial bodies, ignored all what came in laws prohibiting the trial of any civil before exceptional court (military), and other laws that ensured each civil right to a fair trial, where the bodies of the above referred hundreds – citizen if not thousands – of civilians – especially students – to military trials, which were issued through prison sentences for hundreds of years, some of them, and provisions amounted to a penalty for others.

Students were not spared from such military trials in violation of the law, where we find “Israa Maher” 3rd year student at the Faculty of Science – Mansoura University, and she was the first student in Egypt to be tried before military courts & was sentenced to two years and a fine of 50 thousand pounds, in a scene which is surprising and suspicion in the credibility and integrity of those provisions which are issued against  the students & accusing them  of charges tend to imagination in some cases, for example accusing student destruction facilities and sabotage & destroying university entrance and joining a terrorist group, and so  trialled her in a Military court & imprisoning her along with fining her , which was contrary  to All of the above mentioned laws stipulates the invalidity of these trials, in addition to the violation of conventions on the rights of women.

In turn, we at the “freedom of students observatory” monitor the trials and work of detailed statistical data on the number of students who had been referred to the military judiciary, or sentenced to a military prison and fined, and we will present them to you as follows according to our team:

The number of students who have been referred to military trial:
Total numbers: 172 students
Number of students: 162 students
Number of students: 10 students 6 undergraduate students of whom 2 attending 4 students at the secondary level
attended : 129 students
Absentee: 42, and deceased student
Total issued against the students of military provisions: 293 years

* Mansoura University: a total of 46 students (12 in absentia, a deceased student (Ahmed Mohamed Awad Shuqayr) and 33 attending),  names of the students as follows:
1-Israa Maher al-Hindawi
2-Mohammed Hameed
3-Alsaeed Adel Rizk
4-Ahmed Nasser Al-Ashry
5-Ahmed Hossam Eddin Abdel Meguid
6-Mahmoud Bakr Shafiq
7-Abdullah Salama Mursi
8-Heba Ibrahim Eshta
9-Ibrahim Ahmed Elkateb
10-Abdul Rahman Abdel-Azim Shoaib
11-Yahya Massad Aqal
12-AbdulRahman Mohamed Abdel Rahman
13-Anas Mamdouh
14-Mohamed Emad
15-Mohamed Shaaban, “Abu Qatada”
16-Mohammad Yousuf
17-Abdullah Barham
18-Amr ALfaheel
19-Bara Emad
20-Ahmad Adel Hazeen
21-Khaled Diab
22-Ahmed Essam Nawawi
23-Fathi Ahmed Fathi al-Yaman
24-Abdulrahman Tariq Ali Al-adl
25-Mohamed Hamdi El-sayed Metwally
26-Muhannad El-sayed  Salah Bashar
27-Yasser Mohamed Ahmed El-aban
28-Abdallah Mohamed Shawky Mohamed
29. Mustafa Mahmoud  Attia Ibrahim
30-Mahmoud Mustafa Fahmy Abdul Latif
31- Ahmad Ashraf Abul Fotouh  AbdulRahman
32-Khalid Mohammed Abdo Mohammed Hraad
33-Abdullah Mohammed El-Tantawi

* Al-Azhar University: 36 students and a Lecture (37 attending) Names as follows:
34-Hamza Mustafa Abdel Halim
35-Mohamed Hamza Abdul Azim.
36-Reda Ibrahim El-Assal
37. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Salama
38-Mohamed Hassanein Mohammed
39-Ibrahim Abu Zeid
40-Ala Elsayed .
41. Mahmod Hosny
42-Mohammad Ashraf
43-Mustafa Elsayed .
44. El-sayed Qotob
45-Yusuf Mohamed Salem
46-Abdulrahman Nagem
47-Adel Ahmed Abdo Morgan
48-Ahmed Salah Ahmed Abdou Morgan
49 Abdullah Abdul mohsen Salem
50. Ali Abdel Aal Mohamed
51. Mustafa Reda Elsayed Ali
52. Moaaz Fekry Habib.
53-Abdullah Ahmad Umrah
54. Mohammad Sami Mohammed El-sayed.
55. Ahmed Abdel-Hamid Mohammed
56-Islam Sabri Abdul Rahim (Released)
57-AbdulRahman al-Khatib
58-Ahmad Fathi El-Mansi
59-Mohammad Sami Al-Mahi
60-Abdul-Moneim Ibrahim
61-AbdulRahman Tariq
62-Ahmad Zakaria eL-Yamani
63-Rami Mohammed
64-Ahmed Rizk El-Sobki
65-Ibrahim Nassem Eldenasory
66-Mohamed Kamel Hassanein
67-Ashraf Ahmed El-sayed.
68-Ahmad Subhi
69-Ahmad Ezzat al-Saadi
70-Mohammad Abdul Ghaffar

Assiut University: 16 students (12 attending and 4 in absentia),  names of the students as follows:
71-Mahmoud Hamdan
72-Osama Ahmed Serri
73. Kamal Mustafa
74-Mohamed Hamdi Abdel Hafiz
75-Walid Khairy Abu Al-harith
76. Saddam Mohamed Mahmoud
77. Ahmed Abdel Moneim Mohammed Ahmed
78. Ahmed Jamil Syed AbdulHafeez
79-Ahmed Yahya  Ghanem
80. Mahmoud Ezz El-Arab
81. Islam Thabet Mahrous
82-Abul Magd Abdulnasser.

* Monofia University : 13 students (attending 7 and 6 in absentia), names of the students as follows:
83. Ahmed Safwat
84. Mahmoud Mardi
85-Al-Baraa Kamal
86. AbdulRahman Kassab
87. AbdulRahman Khalid
88. Ahmed Hamid Sharaf al-Din
89-Mahmood Jamal
* Ain Shams University: 10 students (attending 1 and 9 in absentia):
90-Marwan Elsayed .
* Private Universities: 9 students (8 attending and one in absentia),  names of the students as follows:
91-Mouawad Moawad Abdel Wahab
92-Mustafa Alkachura
93-Salman al-Jaafari
94-Anas Kassab
95-Omar Yassin
96-Bilal Mohammed AbdulAzim
97-Khalid Mahmood Saleem
98-Islam Eid

* Zagazig University: 8 students (attending the 6 and 2 in absentia),  names of the students as follows:
99-Mahmoud Mohamed Alaa
100. Ammar Ahmed Abdel Razek
101-Ahmed Adel Ahmed Abul-Enein
102. Hamada Ahmed Imam Abdullah
103-Anas Ahmad El-sayed Mustafa
104-Mohamed Saeed Mohamed Ahmed Mustafa
* Tanta University: 5 students (attending 5), names of the students as follows:
105-Ibrahim Samir Abdul Shafi
106-Mustafa Rageh Eshta
107-Anas Saeed Bassiouni
108-Ashraf Garaba
109-AbdulRahim Badi AL-senbakhty
* Alexandria University: 4 students (attending 4), names of the students as follows:
110-Ali Muhammad Ali
111-Mohammed Anwar Mohammed Khalil
112-Mohamed Farid
113-Mahmoud Nabil
* Fayoum University: 3 students (attending 3), names of the students as follows:
114-Abdul Rahman Syed Kamel
115-Ahmed Hamouda
116-Yousef Mohammad Yousuf
* Kafr el-Sheikh University: 3 students (attending 3), names of the students as follows:
117-Ahmed Ibrahim El-Sheikh
118-Mohammad Sadiq Ibrahim Youssef
119-Ahmad Ezzat Mohammed Hussein al-Saadi
* Helwan University: 3 students (attending 3), names of the students as follows:
120-Islam Abdalmugod
121-Mohammad Al-Haddad
122-Islam Tartiq
* Cairo University: 3 students (attending 3),  names of the students as follows:
123-Ahmed Yousef Khaddari
124-Mohammed Shaban Abdul Sattar Laithi
125-Mohamed Arafa Mahmoud Mohamed
* Beni Suef University students (attending 2) names of the students as follows:
126-Ibrahim Hassan
127-Mahmoud Juma Mohammed
* Damietta University: one student (1 attending):
128-Ahmed Abdo Ali El-Borai
* Port Said University: One student (1 attending):
129-Omar Tayseer Mohamed Mohamed
* Ismailia University: 4 students (4 in absentia)
* School students: 4 students at the secondary level in absentia