Decided on behalf of the second section of Assiut court yesterday Saturday 04/04/2015 to remain in custody, “Abdullah Osama Achaoui” student at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Assiut, for a period of fifteen days pending investigations.
It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the student and his father arbitrarily contrary to the law from their home on Saturday, 01/10/2015, where they were forced to hide for three days, to be the first appeared in front of the public persecutor  on 13/01/2015, which remained them in custody , where he is constantly renewing their confinement till now.

Moreover, the student had entered an open hunger strike, after the current system security forces attacked him in his prison, in Alfath police station in Assiut Governorate, after security forces fired tear gas inside the dormitory detention, which led to severe asphyxiated to detainees on Friday 03/06/2015, which is a flagrant violation of law  that criminalized any individual to be subjected to torture or violations even if he is detained