Security authorities yesterday Tuesday, April 28, 2015 released three students at Mansoura University who are: “Youssef Chaabarh” 1st year student at the Faculty of Engineering, &”Yusuf Mehdi,” 4th year student at the Faculty of Commerce, and “Mohammad Mustafa,”  student at the Faculty of Commerce,was released after spending the verdict period which is six months and a fine of  500 pounds.

It is worth mentioning that the security forces had arrested the students arbitrarily contrary to the law from their homes at dawn on Oct. 25 2014, and directed them to a public prosecutor that charged them with several charges including: joining a banned group founded against the law , preventing state institutions from exercising their work, terrorizeing the citizens, and resisting the authorities, and sent their case papers&  referred them  to a misdemeanor court on the fifth of February.