- Ruled on behalf of the first October Court, on Saturday 6/20/2015 to renew the Imprisonment  for three students at the University of 6 October , they are: “Mohamed Metwally” fourth year student at the Faculty of Medicine, “Mohamed Khairi” fourth year student at the Faculty of Medicine, “Mohammed Desouki” student band first, Faculty of Engineering, for a period of forty-five days pending investigations.

The students were arrested from their house in 6th of OCtober and the prosecution decided to keep them in custody until they get the results of the investigations of the national security. Students were accused of trying to kill the officer of the first police office in October, colonel Mohammad El Daramally, and the head of the information, Ahmad Negm, who were injured with bullet birds throughout adjourning one of the demonstrations in the city.
Students were illegally arrested as there were no prosecution order or judicial justifying request.