After being Forced disappeared for several days duration varying for each of them, and in their first appearance on th Procuratorate in “north of Mansoura” on Thursday, 07.16.2015,it was ruled to detain thme for fifteen days pending investigations against the two students and a university Instructor: “Ahmed Suleiman” student at the Faculty of Commerce – Sallab University , “Sami Ibrahim,” a student at the Faculty of Law – Mansoura University, and “Mohammad Abbasi” Teaching Assistant at the University of Sallab.
Its worth Mentioning that they had been endured to the crime of enforced disappearances since their arrest in prison terms ranging between 4 and 13 days, where they arrested, “Ahmed Suleiman” on Thursday, second of July, and then arrested both: “Ibrahim Sami,” and “Mohammad Abbasi” on Sunday fourteenth of July, to be charged with carrying out a bombing in Dekerness court .