Ruled by the First Circuit Court of Criminal court in Damanhour headed by Judge Mohamed Mahjoub Mohamed Abbasi, and held court Itai Albarood , the first on Wednesday, 11.25.2015 sentenced “Bassam Mohammed Balba”2nd year student at the Faculty of Commerce Damanhour University to three years and a financial fine of a thousand pounds in the case, known in the media as “the burning the car of Amjad Albirdan” restricted number 426 of the 2014 Criminal holistic center Damanhour, and accused in it 21 people of the city of Damanhour, including nine people were sentenced to 3 years and a fine of one thousand pounds, including a student, and 5 of the events sentenced to imprisonment for a year and a fine of one thousand pounds, as the court issued a default judgment on 7 to five years.
It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the student on Saturday, 01.03.2014 arbitrarily against the law without permission or a court order from his home in Damanhour, was presented to the public prosecution, which leveled several charges, notably: joining a banned group based on the violation of the provisions Constitution and the law, and the promotion of its activities, especially the burning car.