Military justice in Assiut decided yesterday Monday 16/3/2015 to postpone the trial,of  “Ahmed Ashraf Kamel” third year student at the Faculty of Science, Assiut University, in Case No. 35 of 2015 military crimes, to the twenty-second of March session.

It is noteworthy that members of the Administrative Security Assiut University and members of the private security company “Falcon” detained the student in the security room management during his entry into the campus, and then handed him over to the security forces and took him to the first of Assiut department, and on Wednesday, 2014/12 / 10, he was displayed on the Public Prosecution, which accused him of several charges, notably: demonstrating without a permit, joining a banned group founded against the law, damaging the front gate of the University of Assiut, in Case No. 7849 for the year 2014 administrative first Assiut, which then referred him to military trial.