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A firefighter from West Ayrshire’s South Ayrshire Fire Service is helping with the evacuation of the coastal town of East Lothian.

Crews were called to the town last night for concerns about severe fires in the area.

West Ayrshire Fire Service spokesman Mike McGlade said: “Fire activity is continuing into this morning.

“Crews are currently helping with the residents to evacuate. There is a low risk for a fire at this stage but the situation is likely to become more serious if temperatures don’t rise.”

The fires were started by lightning on바카라사이트 Monday morning and were burning for four to five hours before the fire crew was told by local a더킹카지노uthorities they had entered their fire area.

Fire fighters say the high winds mean fire crews have had to put more resources into the battle and it has been a “horrific” day.

Fire crews in the town of East Lothian have been made redundant after their response was called for because of severe winds

Firefighters in the neighbouring town of Curnock also tried to contain the fire.

Mr McGlade said the town, in northern Scotland, was “on its way back from the edge” with a number of buildings damaged in the flames.

He said: “We’ve had to pull back in some places because of the wind and the winds coming from that direction. But we’ve got to be alert to the fires that are burning in places.

“This wind direction is about 35 to 40 kilometres north off the Lothian coast. We’ve got fire burning here for four hours or five hours and not a blip.”