Ukraine politician in hospital after protest clashes between police and antigovernment demonstrators

Russian activists have occupied Moscow’s마사지 오일 famous Black Sea Fleet headquarters and marched onto the grounds, leading to clashes between police and demonstrators.

The city’s Kremlin official residence was surrounded by police from multiple sides.

An interior ministry official said that the official residences of Interior Minister Vladimir Sobyanin and State Duma speaker Igor Shuvalov had not been affected, but that officials “had difficulty finding a hotel where all would have sufficient time to stay”.

The Black Sea Fleet is the oldest military formation in the Russian Federation, and has fought the Soviet Union and China for nearly a century.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin announced earlier on Friday that demonstrators in the Russian cities of Novosibirsk and Ufa had refused to leave their positions, even after authorities offered to evacuate them.

He said those who defied authorities had been arrested and warned that “anyone who has joined this rally, regardless of his or her role, 예스카지노will pay a heavy price”.

The protesters, who also called for the release of jailed opposition blogger Alexei Navalny, have been protesting against the government’s controversial anti-corruption drive, particularly in relation to the alleged purchase of oil and gas blocks by the state-run Rosneft company, also known as Rosneft.

But the protest turned violent on Sunday, and as they marched to the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, a large contingent of about 5,000 ultra-nationalist activists assaulted and then set fire to three state buildings, including Russia’s main headquarters of the state-owned oil and gas company.

The police did not report any violence, but a spokeswoman for the Interior Ministry said that riot police were “operating alongside police vehicles and on foot”, and that the rioters had been ordered to leave.

According to Russia’s Interfax news agency, however, there was no rioting in the police headquarters.

Police fired stun grenades at the protesters, who threw rocks, bottles and iron bars at police.

According to the Interior Ministry’s spokeswoman, the demonstrators threw stones and threw rocks at officers, and that they threw several stones at a police vehicle.

The Interior Ministry released a list of the injured, and said one police officer was in serious condition in hospital, while three protesters were treated for cuts.

A total of 33 people have been arrested, three of them as alleged members of ultranationalist and separatist groups, accor영주안마ding to the Russian news agency