The walls of Dakahleya governorate prisons cry hundreds of wailing stories for those who are still in the prison and those who survived. The first cry is to tell the story of the long beating queue that the detainee get once he arrives to the prison or before he is exposed to investigation. The suffering increases during your daily life as if it is not enough to be between the prison walls, moreover they suffer a psychological torture as there is no respect to the human being or his personal rights. Through this report, we are discussing some of the violations they suffer from in some prisons in the governorate.

The first prison of these prisons is at Mahalet Demnah, where detainees suffered insulting, humiliation and physical violations when some policemen and officers took off the detainees’ clothes and forcing them to wipe the dirty floor of the police station with their bodies! Also, they took all their medicine, studying sheets, pens, food and all their personal staff except clothes. Also, they had torn all the bags they had.

Gamasa wasn’t far different from what was happening in Mahalet Demna. There is a documented story about what was happening to Dr Abdul Dayem El Shereef, the professor at science faculty, who objected taking off his clothes, they started beating him, and they took it off by force. They had also tortured the rest of the political detainees, as they beat them, flooding them with water after taking off their clothes in the cold weather.

The last prison we are going to tackle is Meet Salseel, the worst place as management and violations. Most of the detainees observed talks were about psychological violations rather than physical. One of the practices is that policemen and officers force detainees to take off their clothes, put it in the middle of the cell and put the garbage on it. then wear it again. Also, they force them to get to a yard in the prison , take off their clothes, flood them with water, the get them back to their cells and flood them with water one more time.

Throughout writing this report to show off some of the violations detainees suffer from in Dakahleya prisons, they are still ongoing and threatening their lives. So it is our role to continue observing such anti human rights practices and bear the human responsibility before the legal one to current authorities ,local and international human rights institutions towards all what is happening in prisons.