Military court held in haixtb ruled on Tuesday 31 -3-2015, the acquittal of : “Reda Ibrahim El-Assal,” 1st year student at the Faculty of Islamic Studies, “Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud Salama”, 5th year student at Faculty of Pharmacy, and “Mohamed Hassanein Mohammed” 4th year student at Faculty of Engineering,all students at Al Azhar University in Case No. 308.

It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the students arbitrarily illegally without a permit, on 12.02.2014, in a violation of all laws, then enforced disappeared them in the national security building in Nasr City, where they were subjected to many abuses and torture, until they were  displayed on behalf of the second Nasr City which accused them of  several charges most importantly: violence, and participating in riots in the university,then they were referred to the military Court which released them today